New experience – new adventure!

Have you ever been to a shooting range? Have you tried firing a gun? Would you like to try it, but don`t have the courage or don`t know where to go? Would you like more information about what to bring with you and if you can even go there? So go for it! Finding information has never been easier thanks to an internet connection. In addition, the friendly staff will gladly tell you everything and prepare you for the new experience that awaits you.

střelnice - muž

Every experience gives you several things. In this case, it is courage, better concentration, patience, a steady hand, prudence, calm breath, pride – thanks to improvement in shooting and motivation. If this new hobby interests you enough, you will find out various information yourself. So we can say that knowledge will also increase a lot thanks to this.

You must be at least eighteen years old in order to be able to shoot guns at the shooting range. If you are younger, you will unfortunately have to wait a little longer. There is no way around this rule!

Buying a gift for someone who can experience this adventure? You can buy it for him even if you`re under eighteen – just think about it. You too can wish for this experience for your birthday!

žena - střelnice

Not only men go to the shooting range. More and more women are visiting this place because they are also passionate about this hobby. In addition, as a bonus, a person relaxes thanks to shooting and the stress slowly disappears from a person. So we can say that sometimes people go to the shooting range instead of therapy. It is learning new things and it has beneficial effects on your thoughts and overall state of mind.

The price range of the shooting range is not expensive. Some shooting ranges even have season tickets available for purchase at an even better price.

The employees of the shooting range are already looking forward to you and if you need anything – call them!